Family Mediation Certification Training in VA

If you are interested in working with families in mediation, either privately or through the courts, contact Karen Richards Training & Mediation LLC in Virginia. Our training team has decades of experience working with families as they develop parenting plans for their children and/or as families move through the separation and divorce process.

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Parents are forever.

Family-trained mediators can help parents/other family members have a conversation about how they will parent their child/children. Family mediation allows parents to develop detailed and unique parenting plans which address the needs of their family.

The mediator’s role is to use a variety of communication techniques to help families have sometime-difficult conversations which allow family members to feel heard and have a voice. Mediators don’t take sides or tell family members what to do. Family mediators recognize that parents are the experts on their family.

Mediators can use communication skills in a variety of settings. Mediation trainees have reported that they have put their skills to use with their own families as well as in their professional lives.

To become a Virginia Certified Mediator at the Juvenile & Domestic Relations level, you will need to sign up for the right sequence of courses. Please visit our Required Courses

If you are looking for a certified mediator training program, are passionate about helping families, and are ready to start your mediation journey. Please visit our Event Registration to find classes that will work for you.

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