Required Courses

The path to mediator certification in Virginia is two-fold: you must complete course work (in-seat training) and a practicum (see Mentorship) for each level of certification you are aiming for.

The first course everyone must take is the “foundation course” for all mediator certifications — general mediation training entitled “Conflict Resolution & Mediation Skills Training” (We offer this as a 20-hour course.)

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Everyone, except Virginia licensed attorneys, also must complete a 4-hour module course on the “Virginia Judicial System”.

If working with families is your passion and you are interested in pursuing certification at the Juvenile & Domestic Relations court level, then you will need additional coursework:

  • Family Mediation Training” (We offer this as a 24-hour course.)
  • 8-hour module course on “Domestic Violence and Family Mediation”

The Circuit Court mediator certification levels, which are for advanced, complex cases, require additional courses and practicums.

  • For the Circuit Court Civil certification you will need to take a 20-hour “Circuit Court Civil” training.
  • The Circuit Court Family certification requires an additional 12-hour training, “Circuit Court Family” training.

If you are ready to get started, check out the training calendar and register for a general mediation class.